Jewelry & Fashion: Tips for Accessorizing Any Outfit

Adding a bold necklace or a dainty bracelet is the perfect way to pull an outfit together. Even the simplest outfits can look fabulous with the addition of a few jewels. Accessorizing is a skill, and knowing how to mix jewelry & fashion will make any outfit seem like it was curated by a professional stylist.

Playing with Neutrals

A neutral, monochromatic outfit always looks sophisticated. This style is appropriate for a wide range of occasions, from heading to a job interview to going out for a night on the town. In order to keep a neutral palette interesting, it’s important to accessorize it with the right type of jewelry.

There are several options when it comes to picking out jewelry for a monochromatic outfit. If you are daring and really want to turn heads, now is the time to pair your style with large, colorful pendants. Bigger is always better. However, if you want to make a quiet statement, consider sticking with solid gold or silver dangling earrings.

Jewelry and Patterns

Those who like to play with patterns should still add a few pieces of jewelry to their outfit. It’s important to choose jewelry that won’t compete with the busyness of the pattern. As a rule of thumb, smaller, more conservative pieces of jewelry pair well with complex patterns.

Simple chains and stud earrings are always safe options. If you’re still looking to make a statement with your jewelry, consider wearing a charm bracelet. Carefully select charms that represent different aspects of your life. This way, your jewelry will become a conversation piece.

Mixing Colors

If you’re the type of person who always wears colors, pick jewelry that complements specific colors in your outfit. Using a color wheel, look for colors that are either neighboring or contrasting. For example, blue always pops against orange, but it also blends seamlessly with green. Keep a rainbow of gemstones in your collection.

Picking out an outfit for the day should always be an enjoyable experience. In addition to making sure your clothing truly represents your personality, wear jewelry that showcases your unique sense of style.