Interest in Jewelry? Click Here for More Info

Making personal jewelry is popular right now. One only has to walk through the craft section of the local department or the jewelry section of a craft store to notice the supplies, accessories, and instruction books available. Even more materials are offered on craft websites online. People can find everything from plastic beads to Swarovski crystals, enamel pieces to wood pendants, and bulky acrylics to metals for bold statements.

Beyond Personal Interest

While many people are content to make jewelry for themselves, friends, and family, others will consider making jewelry as a career. The interest in designing jewelry for a living may well spring from experimenting in the basement craft room. Trying to sell designs at local craft fairs will give people an idea of whether the style and creativity is popular, but that will not educate them on what knowledge and courses should be taken to make a career of designing jewelry.

Ask Current Designers

The best resources are current working designers, new designers just starting out, and design students showcasing their work on personal websites. Communicating directly with senior students and new designers will give want-to-be designers an excellent idea of what to expect and what it really takes to hone the craft. Questions such as:

1. How do you select materials for jewelry

2. Where does inspiration come from

3. What basic supplies are needed for classes

4. What is the best way to present pieces to customers

Websites typically include contact information for designers, links to social media pages, an email address, and the opportunity for a live chat. The chance to leave an email is also offered to get a newsletter, updates on new items, coupons, or all of those perks.

Design Schools

Getting technical information from design schools, an invitation to speak with an adviser, and a list of programs and courses is easy online. This should also be completed for people serious about design. To learn about the pressures, schedules, project demands, and ways work is graded go right to students and newly graduated designers. Simply click here for more info on jewelry designing from a working designer.